Anne Laviolette - Watercolor and Acrylic on Canvas




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'Maitland Woods Trail' 'Days of Creation' 'Along Orchard Line'
Winter Garden Summer Garden Spring Garden
'Winter Garden' 'Summer Garden' 'Spring Garden'
Autumn Scenes
'Autumn Scenes'
A Few Garden Flowers A Bouquet For You Abstracts
'A Few Garden Flowers' 'A Bouquet For You' 'Abstracts'
Bayfield's Bounty
Some Spring Beauties
Around Huron County
'Bayfield's Bounty'
'Some Spring Beauties'
'Around Huron County'
Best of Bannockburn
From England With Love
Prince Edward Island
'Best of Bannockburn'
'From England With Love'
'Prince Edward Island'
Tropical Scenes
A Day at the Ploughing Matches
Flower People
'Tropical Scenes'

'A Day...Ploughing Matches'

'Flower People'
Huron Sunsets on Snow
Zehrs Country Market River Scenes
'Huron Sunsets on Snow' 'Zehrs Country Market' 'River Scenes'
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'Around the County' 'Newfoundland' 'Florida'
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'Summer Flowers' 'Scenes in the Garden' 'Farm Life'



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