Anne Laviolette - Watercolor and Acrylic on Canvas




Anne Laviolette graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada, in Honours Biology, where further studies in Medicine and Psychiatry followed; she has enjoyed a full and rewarding career in medicine. "I always loved to paint - spiritually and emotionally", says Anne. Early on, Anne favoured floral creations and found relaxation and satisfaction in expressing her love of nature through watercolour sketches and paintings. And as a psychotherapist, Anne was always interested in visual representation of thoughts and feelings. "Colour, shape and composition as well as subject matter naturally include these kinds of meanings for me, so that encouraging such expressions in others was a natural part of my work."


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Anne has taken various painting workshops and classes, most recently she attended the Southampton School of Art. Some recognition of Anne's work include: a Viewers Choice award at the Oakville Art Club Show, second prize last year in the Huron County Art Exhibition, and an honourable mention in the same exhibition last year.

"As I transition into another stage of life, I am able to devote more energy to my artistic passion. Over the past three years I have spent more time at my easel, and now work primarily in oils. A delight in landscape has rapidly evolved in this medium. The ‘big skies’, farms and terrain of Huron County are a continuing source of joy to me – never still, sometimes very flat and sometimes gently undulating. Always wonderfully changing across the seasons. I am entranced by ever-moving cloud formations. A forest or woodland is for me the primal cathedral, and wild flowers in all their profusion its natural adornment."

Anne recently started working with oils after painting exclusively with acrylics and watercolour for several years. Some time ago, one art instructor commented to Anne: "I can't understand why anyone would want to use acrylics for landscape painting." This comment intrigued Anne and she decided to 'take the plunge'. Why you might ask is this news. Well for Anne it's a big deal, as she had wanted to work with oils for quite a while, but was worried that it would be a difficult adjustment. As it turned out, she found herself the proverbial 'duck in water'. Anne has enjoyed the new-found freedom with colours, and the medium now feels completely natural. Of course Anne will still turn to acrylic paint for the wonderful special effects and abstracts, and we will continue to see her create wonderful artwork with both media.

What’s next for Anne? She hopes in time to explore some other themes perhaps using more abstract interpretations. Anne Laviolette's art studio and home is located in Bayfield, Ontario, Canada, where there is of course a never-ending source of inspiration in our parade of seasons with the always shifting light conditions of the Huron County landscape; to say nothing of spectacular marine vistas and sunsets of legendary magnitude.


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